Classical art

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Our Auction House is glad to put up for sale the objects of classical art.

In our collection are always present paintings of classics of Ukrainian, Russian and Western European schools, as well as sculpture, ornamental arts and Russian icon of XVII-XX centuries. We work with the best and trusted dealers throughout the Ukraine, Russia, Europe and America, and therefore we can help you to find the works of little-known artists, worth up to $ 1,000, as well as of the stars of the first world magnitude: Degas, Picasso, Aivazovsky, Renoir, Modigliani and many others.

All works we sale by private sales are accompanied with all necessary documents, expertise and certification of provenance confirmed their authenticity and legitimacy. Furthermore, all the art objects bought in our house in auction as well as by "private sales", in course of time, may be put to our house for sale again.

You can contact with our specialists and describe masterpieces of which artists, genres or movements of classical art you would like to see on your wall. Our experts will apply all their knowledge, experience and contacts in a short time to give you the best proposals from the art market today.

You can also use the form (below) and make a reservation by sending it us electronically.

Registration to receive proposals for Classical art in the "Private sales"