DESIGN & PHOTO Department

In 2010 with organizers’ efforts there was created "DESIGN" department in the auction house. In autumn there was held the first auction of "DESIGN" on object design, which included authorial conceptual pieces of furniture, household, lighting objects, ceramics, glass and much more.

In 2011 the department was expanded and "PHOTO" section was added to the auction.

Among the most famous national names of designers and artists of arts and crafts, whose objects were presented at the auctions of "Golden Section" it is worth to mention Yuriy Ryntovt, Vladimir Bondarenko, Ekaterina Sokolova, Andrey Hvorostyanov, Igor Pinigin, Valeriy and Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Boris Danilov, Polina Nait, Igor Matsievskiy, Pavel Gudimov, Sergey Makhno, Vladimir Tsesler, Ilya Taslitskiy.

In the collector unit at the auctions of "DESIGN AND PHOTO" there were presented world-renowned designers and design companies of 1900-1940 of the following styles: Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Constructivism, Vintage: Charles Catteau, BENSON, Josef Hoffman, George Lavroff, August Wallin, René Coulon and others.

Exhibit items are made of various materials (plastic, steel, pressed felt, leather, wood, chrome, cloth, paper, bronze, glass, porcelain), and "DESIGN AND PHOTO" auction collections cover most trends of object design of the previous hundred years.

The photo section traditionally consists of 30-40 photographs, conventionally divided into three categories: landscape, urban photography and actual photo.

"DESIGN AND PHOTO" auction is held once a year in autumn (November).

How to Sell at "DESIGN AND PHOTO" Auction

For talented, creative designers, photographers as well as owners of designer items of XIX-XXI centuries, we provide an opportunity to realize the works through bidding at "Golden Section" auction house.

Continuously we accomplish admission of design objects and photographs for "DESIGN AND PHOTO" auctions, which are held once a year in autumn (November).

Works admission for the auction is carried out in the following terms:

"DESIGN AND PHOTO" auction in November of each year – admission of art works is accomplished from January 1 to September 1 of the current year.

The auction house is interested in:

  • Designer furniture (tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas, wardrobes, shelves ...)
  • Lighting (lamps, chandeliers, candelabrums, local lamps, lanterns ...)
  • Designer heating elements (radiators, fireplaces ...)
  • Authorial objects (sculptures, objects, interior installations ...)
  • Ceramics and glass (vases, utensils ...)
  • Interior units and accessories (rugs, hangers, pillows ...)
  • All of the above mentioned items concern as modern design, as well as objects of XIX-XX centuries (Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Constructivism, Vintage ...)
  • Other items not listed here, but which are conceptually appropriate to the idea ...

The proposals are not restricted on technique, genre or size of design objects and photos.

To participate in the auction you have to:

  • send a photo of design objects or photo that you would like to expose, to the address of [email protected];
  • specify precise information in the letter about the design object or photo (surname, name of the designer or photographer, title of the work, date of creation, technique, distinctive features (printing, signature, stamp, etc.), provenance (history of the object origin (gift, purchase, inherited, the author himself, etc.), estimated value;
  • leave your contact information for our specialists contact you.
  • the fee for the auction sale of lots at "DESIGN AND PHOTO" auction comprises 30%.
  • the tax from lot sales comprises 5%.

Our specialists will perform qualified assess of value of a design object or photo, and if necessary carry out a full range of services in preparation for the exhibition - furniture restoration, assistance in photographs printing, expertise (provided services are paid separately on actual basis of work performed).