Classical Art

The first auction which was the beginning of activities of the auction house in 2005 promoted the opening of CLASSICAL ART department. Since then the auctions of this department are permanently held twice a year in spring (March) and autumn (September).

"CLASSICAL ART" auctions include several sections: classic art of XIX and XX centuries, the art of alternative trends (avant-garde, non-conformism, underground), contemporary traditional art.

The classical art of XIX - the beginning of XX centuries is represented at the auctions of "Golden Section" by the following names: Yu. Klever, P. Nilus, I. Trush, A. Schilder, N. Burachek, K. Gorbatov, K. Kostandi, I. Pryanishnikov, E . Kulchitskaya, O. Novakivskiy, N. Bodarevskiy, E. Bukovetskiy, V. Makovskiy, N. Murashko, M. Voloshin, A. Stilianudi, I. Bilibin and others.

The Soviet era art is reflected in such classics as N. Glushchenko, S. Shishko, P. Stolyarenko, I. Bokshay, A. Erdeli, T. Yablonskaya, S. Grigoriev, Ya. Basov, S. Yarovoy, A. Gavdzinskiy, V. Tsvetkova, V. Zakharov, N. Maksimenko, K. Lomykin, F. Manaylo and many others.

The art of alternative trends (avant-garde, non-conformism, underground) is represented at the auctions by the following names: V. Kandinskiy, M. Avetisyan, V. Ermilov, B. Kosarev, V. Zaretskiy, I. Grigoriev, O. Zalivakha, A. Gorskaya, I. Marchuk, Z. Lerman, A. Zverev, M. Shemyakin, A. Anufriev, V. Khruschev, M. Turovskiy and others.

Contemporary traditional art is constantly enlarged with new worthy names. Among permanent members of our auctions there are such names as: V. Chaus, A. Bednoshey, V. Trush, Yu. Zorko, V. Olkhov, N. Kononenko, I. Melnychuk, M. Deyak, T. Golembievskaya, M. Demtsyu and others.

How to Sell at «CLASSICAL ART» Auction

For artists, collectors and owners of art objects we provide an opportunity to realize their works through bidding at "Golden Section" auction house.

Continuously we accomplish admission of paintings and graphics for the auctions of «CLASSICAL ART», which are held every spring (March) and autumn (September).

Works admission for the auction is accomplished in the following terms:

«CLASSICAL ART» auction in March of each year - admission of art works is accomplished from December 1 to February 10 of the current year

«CLASSICAL ART» auction in September of each year - admission of art works is accomplished from May 1 till August 15 of the current year

The auction house is interested in collectors’ Ukrainian, Russian and Western European paintings and graphics of XIX-XX centuries, the art of alternative trends (avant-garde, non-conformism, underground).

To participate in the auction you have to:

  • send a photo of the painting that you would like to expose, to the address of;
  • specify precise information in the letter about the design object or photo (surname, name of the artist, title of the work, date of creation, technique, distinctive features (printing, signature, deed of gift, etc.), provenance (history of the object origin (gift, purchase, inherited, the author himself, etc.), estimated value;
  • leave your contact information for our specialists contact you.
  • the fee for the auction sale of lots at "CLASSICAL ART" auction comprises 20%.
  • the tax from lot sales comprises 5%.

Our specialists will perform qualified assess of the design object value, and if necessary carry out a full range of services in preparation for the exhibition - restoration, baguette mounting and expertise (provided services are paid separately on actual basis of work performed).