Lot 44

WEINSTEIN Moisei (1940-1981)

"Heaviness", 1964
canvas, oil
50 х 40 cm
Confirming signature by wife N. Shestak on the back
Weinstein Mikhail (1940-1981) - painter. He graduated from Republican Art School (1957), Kiev Art Institute (1965), creative workshops Art Academy of USSR (1967), where he studied under S. Grigoryev, K. Trohimenko, M. Khmelko. He worked in the field of easel painting. Member of Union Artists of Ukraine (1963). Member of All-Union and republican exhibitions. Personal (posthumous) exhibition (1987). Author thematic paintings, portraits and landscapes. His works are stored in Kiev Museum of Russian Art, Poltava, Kharkov and other art museums in Ukraine. A considerable amount of work in private collections in Germany and UK.

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