Auction 41 EDITIONS

Lot 27

Shelest Igor (1961)all works of the author

"Moment and eternity", 1987
paper, colored lithograph
Author's signature and the date in pencil bottom right, title left
Sheet size: 62 x 47 cm
Imprint size: 45 x 40 cm
Shelest Igor Nikolaevich (born 1961) is a Ukrainian artist. Born in Kiev. Closed KDKHI (1985), teacher in the specialty - V. Chebanik. Works in the field of painting and graphics. Member of the NSCU (1990). Major works: graphic series "Cosmic Further" (1989), "Snowfall in the Carpathians" (1995), "Carpathian Church" (1998), "Ai-Petri" (1999). Participant in numerous group performances. The artist's works are stored in private collections of Ukraine and the world. Lives and works in Kyiv.

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