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Lot 2

Michelangelo di Buonarroti (1475-1564), Béatrizet Nicolas (1507-1570)

Triptych "The Abduction of Ganymede," "The Fate of the Phaeton," "The Dream of Man" (1542-1724)
paper, engraving
1) The Abduction of Ganymede, 1542 Paper, engraving 41 x 28 cm Watermark on paper, three collection stamps 2) The Fate of the Faeton, 1773 Publisher: Carlo Losi (Carlo Losi, 1757-1805) Paper, engraving 42 x 29 cm Signature and date on the metal plate from the bottom right, the name in the center Watermark on paper A print from the collection of Professor Vincent Furio (Vicenç Furió) 3) The Dream of Man, 1670-1724 Publisher: Giovanni Domenico de'Rossi (1659-1730) Paper, engraving 43.5 x 30 cm Watermark on paper
5 000 – 7 000
Michelangelo di Buonarroti (1475-1564) is an Italian sculptor, artist, architect, poet and engineer. His works were considered the highest achievements of Renaissance art during the life of the master. Michelangelo lived for almost 89 years, an entire era, from the period of the High Renaissance to the beginnings of the Counter-Reformation. Thirteen Pope's Churches have changed for this period - he has served for nine of them. Michelangelo was also the first representative of Western European art, whose biography was printed during his lifetime. One of the most monumental works of the artist is the murals of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. In honor of Michelangelo, an asteroid, an area in Florence, an ocean liner, a computer virus, a crater on Mercury, and a psychological phenomenon are named.

Nicolas Béatrizet (about 1507 - about 1570) - a French engraver who worked in Rome.

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