Lot 77

Tistol Oleg (р. 1960)

Гомер Симпсон, 2007, Из серии «Телереализм»
canvas, oil
9 000 - 12 000
Tistol Oleg (b. 1960) - Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, sculptor, author of objects and installations. Born in Vradievka, Mykolaiv region. He graduated from Lviv State Institute of Decorative Arts (1984). He became co-founder and artistic leader of "Strong-willed brink of national post eclecticism" (1988). He worked in Moscow, participated in the artistic group "Fuhrmann lane" and "Trekhprudny lane" (1989-1993). Together with M. Matsenko created a creative study group and preservation of national stereotypes "Natsprom." He lives and works in Kyiv.

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