Lot 6

Moroz Mikhail (1904-1993)all works of the author

"Autumn. Aesop River", 1956
canvas, oil
56 х 71 cm
Signature and date bottom left
Moroz Mikhail (1904-1993) - Ukrainian painter. Born in Plehiv, Ternopil region. He studied at Oleksa Nowakowski art school in Lviv (1924-1934). He was recognized as the best student received a scholarship to study in Paris. He studied at the Academy of R. Julien and the National School of Arts. Close contact with A. Mathis, P. Cezanne and A. Bourdelle. When he returned, he became an assistant of A. Nowakowski. Together with his friends organized a group of "Rub." Participation in numerous professional, republican, union and personal exhibitions (since 1930). Numerous exhibitions abroad. He emigrated to Slovakia (1944), Germany (1944) and later in the US (1949). Creative trip to the US, Asia and Europe.

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