At the jubilee auction in Kiev will exhibit paintings by the most famous Ukrainian artists: Marchuk, Primachenko, Glushchenko, Yablonskaya, Reitburd, Chichkan and other ...

In honor of the fifteenth anniversary, the Golden Cross Auction House will auction an exclusive collection of works by the most famous authors from the mid-twentieth century to the present day.

On November 16, at 15:00 at the Golden Cross (Kiev, 4 Leonid Pervomaisky Street), a unique auction will be held, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of this auction house. It combines three areas at once - classical art, underground and contemporary.

All lots can be viewed at the pre-auction exhibition from November 8 to November 15, from 11:00 to 19:00, excluding weekends. Admission is free for all.

You can bid on your favorite lots from the first day of the exhibition in the exhibition hall or online.

The total number of submitted works is 56 works.

The auction will feature only works by Ukrainians who have gained worldwide fame - Maria Primachenko, Mykola Glushchenko, Sergey Shishko, Viktor Zaretsky, Alla Gorskaya, Ivan Marchuk, Boris Plaksiy, Valery Trubina, Matviy Weisberg, Alexander Chitburk, and Illystik .

"It's not just about big names, it's about the rare collections of these famous authors. We have been preparing for our fifteen years and choosing the best of the best so that future exhibitions and auctions become a real event in artistic life, ”- emphasizes Mykhailo Vasylenko, co-owner of the Golden Cross section of the auction house.

Fans of classical art will certainly be interested in the auction's top lot - the work of one of the most famous Ukrainian painters of the Soviet period, Mykola Glushchenko's "Blue Flowers" (1974). The works of Dolgoshey in colors (1972) by Maria Primachenko, "Dream-grass" (1980) by Sergey Shishko, "In the Garden" (1975) by Tatiana Yablonskaya, "Chrysanthemums" (1967) by Valentina Tsvetkova deserve great attention. The fans of the Transcarpathian School of Painting will not remain indifferent to the auction - it will be possible to bargain for wonderful paintings by Joseph Boksay, Andrey Kotsky, Fyodor Manila.

Among the significant works of the UNDERGROUND section are: "Life" (1970s) by Viktor Zaretsky, "Autumn Waters" by Ivan Marchuk (1985), "Pavochka" (1962) by Lyudmila Semykina, "Still Life" (1990s) by Valentina Khrushchev and a sketch of stained glass " Shevchenko ”(1960s) by Alla Gorska.

Contemporary art lovers will be interested in the works of Alexander Reitburd, Matthew Weiberg, Michael Deyak, Valery Trubina, Maxim Mamsikov, Elijah Chichkan, Artem Volokitin, Pavel Kerestey and other well-known contemporaries.

Bidding prices will start at $ 500.

Check-in and reception of trouble:

+ 38 044 240 95 32
+ 38 044 386 81 81

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