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Konstantin Bogaevsky (1872-1943) - Russian landscape painter, a painter and graphic artist, creator of the original style of the romantic landscape of the eastern part of Crimea - Cimmeria. Born in the city. Theodosius. He studied first draw in Feodosia A. Fesslera, in the workshop Aivazovsky, then studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1891-1895), the workshop Kuindzhi. Went to Etudes on the Volga (1890), later Kuindzhi together with his students in Germany, France and Austria (1897). Started originally exhibited in St. Petersburg (1900), then in Venice, Munich, Paris and Moscow. Entered in the "New Society of Artists" (1904). He participated in the exhibition Exposition del Art Russe (1906), arranged by S. Diaghilev in Paris at Autumn Salon. The result was a book of poems Voloshin "The years of wandering", illustrated with drawings Bogaevsky (1908). Took part in the exhibitions "Peace Art" (1911-1914). He died in 1943 during the bombing of Feodosia Soviet aircraft.