Takahashi Yosiharu (Yoshi TAKAHASHI) (1943-1998) - Japanese painter and graphic artist, teacher. Born in. Tokyo. Art education in the Tokyo University of the Arts, where he studied painting (1960-1965). Moved to Germany and continued his studies at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts (1966) after which went to France, where he worked in the Paris art studios. Moved to Austria, where he began work in the experimental studio of S. Soucek, creating a first graphical abstract compositions. Picturesque style Takahashi is a fusion of Japanese and European artistic traditions. She teaches painting and print graphics in Salzburg College (1974-1981). Regularly participated in exhibitions (1970-1990), held in Austria, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Japan and the United States. The works are in museum collections and private collections in Japan, Austria and Germany and sold in the famous European auctions.