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Deyak Michailo (b. 1984) - Ukrainian painter. He studied at the Uzhgorod College of Arts (1999-2003) Nikita V. and A. Kovacs. Graduated National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (2009), where he studied with Ivan Melnychuk and V. Zabashta. Participates in the exhibition "Young" in Uzhgorod (2000).He took first place at competition "Sakura Blossoms" (2001). J. Bokshay Uzhgorod Museum "Karpaty" and Budapest Museum "Transcarpathian painting" showing his work(2002). Participate in Competition V.Shatalina , V. Puzurkova, V. Zaretskogo (2004-2006). Personal and group exhibitions (since 2006) in Kiev, Canada, New York and Paris. Creative trip to Czech Republic and Turkey. The artist, whose talent impresses bright colors and elegance of form.




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